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The ideology of Pasquale is to swim against the tide. The company has never been in the game of making things easy.

When people are demanding standardised wines that taste like lollies from the dairy, Pasquale is making wines mean. This intentionally polarises the consumer; someone who enjoys Pasquale wines will love them for everything unique that they offer.

Each wine is a provocation: the Pinot Noirs are big, but lean; it is impossible to ignore the extreme dryness of the Gewürztraminers; the Passito has a high level of sweetness, but cut with a streak of crispness.

Each wine changes as it matures, crafted with a high Total Acidity to give it endurance. Even the white wines are designed to perform at three to four years of age, in a time where the market demands something to be instantly consumed, like a can of cola.

And each vintage produces something different: no two Pasquale Pinot Gris will taste alike, as each one reflects the events of the year that shaped it. There is something fundamentally wrong with a homogenised wine that is exactly the same from year to year. That is not art, but rather the production of factory and chemical process.

The Pasquale label itself was designed by conceptual artist and typosoph Ecke Bonk, to reflect the core values of the wines. The numbers and physics behind it are designed to attract minds. Someone who will take the time to read a philosophical work three or four times in an attempt to truly understand it, is the same sort of person who will try a wine again and again, each time understanding something more about its depth.

The black star is a representation of the Golden Ratio, Φ (phi), an often naturally occurring ratio that underlies many mathematical and physical patterns, such as the Fibonacci sequence.



Φ is a representation of a balance of parts in space. Throughout history, long before the advent of electron microscopes, or the discovery of the Higgs boson, philosophers and scientists sought to understand and mathematically quantify how the world is built, and what is aesthetically pleasing. The Pasquale logo is homage to those people.

The Golden Ratio is an understanding of the balance of beauty, something that Pasquale always aims to make present in the wines. Everything has a certain balance, whether this be the delicate balance of savoury and fruit flavours in a Pinot Noir, the balance of three distinct varieties in the Alma Mater, or the balance of sweetness and minerality in the Plump noble Pinot Gris.

Each wine is a message in a bottle, waiting to be read.

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